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Park Avenue Turf is a true family business committed to providing customers with unparalleled service and total satisfaction. For over 25 years, we have provided the Sacramento Valley and Bay Area with top quality lawn sod at the most competitive price. Our passion for quality and customer care has made Park Avenue Turf the preferred sod supplier of  commercial and residential lawns for both professional landscapers and do-it-yourself homeowners. Whether your installing sod yourself or are looking for a sod installer, you’ll find everything you need to get the job done at Park Ave. Turf.


Contact Billy Montesclaros for more information.  Park Avenue Turf also offers installation (Commercial and Residential).  You can reach Billy at 707-479-4748 / email:  Billy@Parkavenueturf.com

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With drought plaguing much of California, the professionals at Park Avenue Turf, the creators of fine quality sod lawn in Northern California, say the fall season is the ideal time for homeowners and commercial property owners to assess the condition of their lawns, plants, trees and shrubs to ensure they can weather another dry season.

Park Avenue Turf is pleased to announce that they offer the products and services to install and maintain beautiful and green sod lawns which can handle drought conditions in the Sacramento, Bay Area, Stockton, and the Northern California region. Many homeowners and business owners do not realize that an area which is plagued by a dry climate can still display beautiful and healthy landscapes around their homes and buildings. The sod lawn variety that homeowners/business owners choose will be a key factor in the appearance of the grounds.

Park Avenue Turf has a solution to that dry brown grass. We offer a Drought Resistant RTF blend, that with stands those dry conditions! Rich Tall Fescue (RTF©) is an advanced generation of turf-type tall fescue which produces rhizomes. A rhizome is an underground stem that penetrates laterally through the soil to spread the plant. Rhizomes send shoots up to the soil surface while extending new roots downward, forming a new plant. The rhizomatous nature of RTF is similar to Kentucky bluegrass. However, unlike Kentucky bluegrass RTF will survive the transition zone climate and other tall fescue turf regions.

This RTF sod can be installed practically anywhere, even where seeding is impossible and too costly. Sod has revolutionized the lawn business! Now you can install a sod lawn anytime during the year when the ground can be tilled. There is no need to wait for the “right” season to put in your lawn.

This means your grass will grow in super dry conditions, ensuring you have a year-round green lawn.

In a couple of weeks, your Drought Resistant sod lawn is ready for full use. It creates the perfect surface to lawn games, family outdoor living, and creates a gorgeous green lawn for business facades. With today’s various blends of hardy grasses, sod is chosen for parks, golf courses, athletic fields, as well as residential homes and business parks.

A company representative from Park Avenue Turf explained recently:

“Deciding the correct sod variety for a homeowner is challenging. We must take into consideration the potential uses that property will encounter. The lifestyle of the homeowner is also an important element to consider. We have the knowledge to prepare a lawn maintenance plan that will fit the location and the interests of the homeowner. We choose sod lawns that are drought-tolerant as well as those that fit the preferences of the homeowner for aesthetic appeal and care requirements.”

Easy lawn maintenance throughout the growing season every year will not only help to ensure that your lawn will be beautiful but that it also continues to be a safe play area and effectively controls erosion and dust while it naturally converts carbon dioxide to clean oxygen and entraps particulate pollutants. With today’s ecological concerns, many more people are considering sod for its environmental benefits. Sod cools and cleans the atmosphere by reflecting the sun’s heat and absorbing noises, carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. It releases valuable oxygen and moisture into the air we breathe. As it grows, sod silently contributes to a healthier environment.

Sales Rep:  Billy Montesclaros

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Installation Services


Park Avenue Turf is your local sod farm, sod installers, and helpful lawn maintenance experts. We can deliver and install sod throughout Northern California, from the Sacramento Valley down through San Jose and Santa Cruz. No matter the size of lawn you need installed, we offer the highest quality sod, the best sod installation services and competitive pricing for sports fields, golf courses and even small residential areas.

Our team of sod and lawn care experts will even go over proper lawn care and maintenance tips with you so your sod installation continues to look beautiful. Park Avenue Turf offers sod installation services that are professional, fast, and always done right the first time.

We can help with your sod installation.

  • Step 1 Order Sod (24 hour advance notice required) 
  • Step 2 Get Curbside Delivery
  • Step 3 Prepare Soil
  • Step 4 Fertilize Soil
  • Step 5 Install Sod Same Day

Once your sod is installed, all you have to do is give your new lawn plenty of water, especially during the first two weeks, and provide optimum lawn maintenance. Wait to mow your lawn two to three weeks after the sod has been installed


New Lawn Maintenance For A Beautiful Lawn All Year Long

Watering – Do NOT Let SOD DRY OUT!!!

After 14 days, new lawn requires 1/2 inches of water per week. Give special attention to slopes and mounds where runoff occurs, more frequently and shorter watering times may be necessary.

Mowing –

Let sod dry out approximately 24 hours before mowing. Mow lawn on the 14th day. It is not recommended to use riding mowers before sod is established. Do not cut grass short. The lawn must be mowed no shorter than 3 inches high on the first cutting. Keep blades sharp. Never remove more than 1/3 off the top growth at any one mowing. Follow the mowing height for your sod blend listed to the left.


Foot Traffic

Keep pets and feet traffic off the new lawn for the first 14 days. Allow only very light to moderate traffic for an additional 2 weeks.


Maintain an adequate fertilizing program. We recommend a balanced fertilizer to be applied at 4 to 8 week intervals, based on the sod blend.

For more information about maintaining sod and your new lawn, contact the Park Avenue Turf  Sod Farm experts. If you live anywhere in and around Sacramento, the Bay Area, or even Santa Cruz county, our sod and lawn experts can come out to you and provide you with professional sod installation and lawn maintenance.

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Contact us for sod lawn delivery and installation service. We will be able to provide answers to the questions that you may have regarding residential or commercial lawn care services. We deliver within the shortest time possible. For quick help, please reach us on (707) 479-4748 or Email  Billy@Parkavenueturf.com  

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